4 Reasons Why Christmas Is A Great Time to Sell Your Property

November, 2018

Christmas is a time for fun, family and festivities. Surprisingly, it’s also one of the best times of the year to put your property on the market. According to research from the property experts at Right Move, there was a 20% increase in people searching for homes between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day compared with 2012.

Unsure about selling your home this festive period? Keep reading to find out why it’s the most wonderful time of the year for sellers…

1. Buyers have more free time

The festive period is a fantastic time for online shopping, from the pre-Christmas rush to the Boxing Day sales. That extends to properties too.

Right Move revealed that Boxing Day is one of the busiest days for online browsing, with a whopping 25 million page views. The figure remains high throughout the holidays, peaking at 38 million views on New Year’s Day.

Whether people fed up of their in-laws or just finding new ways to fill all the extra free time, there is clearly an appetite for buying properties at Christmas.

2. A head start

Christmas is a busy time for browsing, meaning a lot of people will be ready to pounce on a property as the new year rolls around. But registering, valuing and marketing your property will take time, so it’s important to get the ball rolling.

By listing your property around Christmas time, you’ll be top of the list when peak times for viewings comes around in January. Essentially, you get a head start before the new year rush. Just make sure you’ve cleared away that Christmas clutter before your viewings.

3. Less competition

Christmas is the most wonderful, but stressful time of the year. For that reason, a lot of people might be put off selling their property during this season. Those who aren’t intimidated could be in for a quicker sale.

Less people putting their homes up for sale, means less competition for your property. Why not take the reins and steer your property in the right direction towards a Christmas sale?

4. Buyers are motivated to move

As well as less competition, Christmas selling attracts a different kind of buyer. People who are house hunting during the festive period often have a specific reason to move swiftly – whether it’s a new job, or just that they’re part of a chain.

Keen to move quickly, these buyers usually want less hassle, which could even mean increasing their offer to ensure a swift sale. This motivation continues as January comes around, with buyers are keen for a fresh start in a new home for the new year.

Festive selling with Weale & Hitchen

If you’re looking to sell over the festive period, Weale & Hitchen can make sure the process is completely hassle-free. We’ll guide you through the sales process from valuation to completion, leaving you free to enjoy Christmas. Get in touch with our local property experts to arrange a free no-obligation valuation.

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