5 Easy DIY Home Improvements | Add Value to Your Home Overnight

April, 2017

Are you searching for ways to add value to your home but feel that most suggestions require too much time and money?

Fear not. If you need to enhance your home overnight there are plenty of easy DIY home improvements you can get to work on – and they won’t take all day or cost thousands either. Here, we’re pulled together five of the most time and cost-effective DIY jobs for you to try this spring.

1. Repaint your entrance hallway

The entryway to your home is where you will set the tone for every viewing. If your walls are covered in grubby handprints, scuffs, and stains, it won’t go unnoticed by viewers.

Make sure the first thing people see when they step foot inside your home is your clean, freshly painted hallway. Refresh paintwork a few weeks before viewings start to ensure the smell of paint is long gone.

2. Hang pictures

It’s amazing the difference a few carefully placed photographs or paintings can make to the overall feel of a home. If you have a lot of blank wall space, consider hanging a few pictures to break up the space and add a lived-in, comfortable feel.

3. Clean your windows

Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of the layers of dust and grime that build up over the winter months. And, although there will certainly be plenty of spring showers to look forward to, there will also be plenty of bright, unforgiving spring sunshine too, which will only highlight any dirt that’s caking up your windows.

If you’re selling your property, you should really aim to clean your windows every week or two. Sparkling, crystal-clear glass is much more inviting than dull and dusty windowpanes. 

4. Scrub paths, patios and balconies

Spring cleaning shouldn’t be restricted to the inside of your home, so it’s important to give things a good scrub outside too.

If you live in an apartment and you have a balcony area, it’s a good idea to give your balcony deck a good scrub at least twice a year. Spring is a great time to clean wooden decks because the warmer weather will help to dry it out quickly. If you live in a house with a path or patio, hiring a pressure washer will help you get the done in a flash.

5. Shampoo your carpets

Carpets may look and feel great, but they also hold onto musty smells, dust and sticky residue that a standard household vacuum cleaners simply can’t compete with.

Freshly shampooed carpets can make a huge difference to the overall appearance (not to mention smell) of your home. Hiring a carpet cleaner typically costs less than £35 for 24 hours, and you can get most rooms done in less than an hour.

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