5 Tips for Preparing your Home for a Viewing

June, 2016

Selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful. There are a lot of ways you can make the process easier. One of them is to make sure your home is fully prepared for viewing. For anyone selling a home, it’s really important to find your property’s strengths and highlight them. Read on for our 5 top tips for preparing your home for a viewing. 

 1.    Clean and tidy

We’ll start with the basics. It’s obvious, but it’s the most important thing when you’ve got a viewing. Your house needs to be cleaned and tidied from top to bottom. Get rid of needless clutter and put everything away where it belongs. Remember – even your cupboards and storage spaces need to be in order. The potential buyer will probably want to see inside of them.

It’s the same for your garden. Make sure any grass you have has been cut and all weeds are pulled out. Try trimming bushes around the perimeter of the garden. As well as looking tidier, this can make your garden seem much bigger.

 2.    Pets and children

You might think your dog or cat is absolutely adorable, but someone viewing your house might not. The same goes for your children too, unfortunately. It’s a good idea to get someone to look after both your pets and your children for the day. They can be obstructing, distracting or even annoying for the house viewer. You want them to be completely at ease to fully appreciate your property.

Something else to consider – your pets (or children) might even undo the good work you’ve done cleaning and tidying. A moulting dog or a playing child can quickly turn a clean house into a mess. So it’s probably best to get them out of the way a few hours before the viewing.

 3.    Appealing to the senses

Now onto the finer details. You want to make the house viewing a completely pleasant experience for your potential buyer. Smells like freshly baked bread and freshly brewed coffee are top of the list for homely aromas. They’re a big part of creating the perfect home scene.

 4.    Temperature

Again, this tip is about turning the house into a home for the potential buyer. Make sure the house is at a comfortable temperature. If it’s too cold, the buyer will be suspicious about the heating and insulation. If it’s too hot, they’ll just want to get out of there and won’t be able to comfortably view the house. Open a window and let some fresh air in.

 5.    Switch off and switch on

Noise from the TV or music playing can be incredibly distracting for property viewers. You want potential buyers to be able to hear everything you say as you take them through the house. Turn off any noisy appliances – TV, music, washing machine or dryer – and make sure your phone is on silent. Meanwhile, make sure to get as much natural light into your house as possible. Keep all curtains open, but switch on some lights if you need to.

Need help selling?

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