5 Ways to Depersonalise Your Property for House Viewings

January, 2019

Are you planning to sell your home in the new year? Whether it’s a fresh start or a job relocation, you want to move swiftly to achieve the best sale possible. This isn’t always easy, but there are ways you can put your best foot forward by staging your property for viewings.

One way to do this is by depersonalising your property. In part five of our six-part series on the best property selling tips, we’re looking at five ways you can depersonalise your property. If you haven’t already be sure to check out the rest of our series, on fixing up your property, dropping your asking price, sprucing things up and incentivising the purchase.

1. Remove personal photographs

Buyers want to imagine themselves in your home. One big hurdle to this day dream is personal items such as photographs and family portraits. That’s why it’s important to go around your home and take down any baby pictures or beloved graduation shots. As strange as it seems, this allows potential buyers to imagine building their own memories in your property.

2. Declutter each room

Whether it’s your beloved stamp collection or just the growing pile of cook books in the kitchen, most people collect a large amount of clutter over years. It’s important to remove all of this prior to home viewings, decluttering each room by tidying away any unnecessary personal items.

3. Tidy the kids’ toys

To depersonalise your home even further, it’s time to tackle the overflowing toy box. It’s important to tidy every room look so it looks more inviting and presentable. On top of that, not everybody has the same plans for each room as you.

What might be the perfect play room for your family may just be the ideal zen office for potential buyers. Removing toys leaves buyers free to imagine a new purpose for each room.

4. Put away smaller personal items

Is your beside table cluttered with personal knick-knacks? Or are toiletries kept in every corner of your bathroom? This is a bit of an eyesore for potential buyers and will make all your rooms look smaller than they are. To show off your property in the best light possible, make sure you tidy away the smaller bits and bobs to create a true blank canvas.

5. Remove unnecessary furniture

From the small to the big, it’s time to talk about furniture. When staging your property, it’s important to make each room look as big as possible. Although some pieces of furniture may have sentimental value to you, they don’t always add to the overall appearance of the room. On top of that, it’s important to open up spaces so buyers can envisage they’re own décor throughout the property.

Instead of cramming more and more into each space, why not cut back and remove any unnecessary furniture? Ask a friend or relative if you can store a few pieces of furniture at their house while your property is being viewed and sold.

We’re here to help

Selling your property is a tricky process if you go it alone. Fortunately, Weale & Hitchen can provide expert assistance every step of the way. From our free valuation and viewings to the final sale and aftercare, our dedicated team take the stress out of the property selling process. Get in touch today to find out more.

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