7 Cheap & Easy Ways to Increase Your Property's Selling Price

February, 2016

Thinking of selling your home? Of course, there are a number of tried and tested techniques which can add value to a property, such as building extensions, installing patio decking or revamping the kitchen. While these may add hundreds or even thousands of pounds of value to the property when it comes to sale, they will also require a significant investment.

Fortunately, there are a number of handy tips and tricks you can employ which require minimal expense and effort – but which could make all the difference when achieving the full potential value of your home. Outlined below are a handful of the best insider tips to keep in mind before your next property viewing.

1. De-clutter!

Nothing screams chaos quite like clutter. Put away all of those kitchen appliances and remove clothing and other articles from wardrobes and closets to make them appear larger. It might even be worth retiring some of the furniture in your home to enhance the illusion of space.

2. Take you out of the home

When someone comes to view your home as a potential buyer, they’ll be envisaging themselves living in it. Family photos, ornaments and personal trinkets make this all the more difficult, so consider removing all vestiges of your existence before each viewing. Sounds extreme, but it works!

3. Shine a light

A gloomy home is an unappealing one. Using higher-wattage bulbs can showcase the cleanliness and expansiveness of your property. An inexpensive chandelier, or striking light fitting can also add a touch of style to an otherwise drab light, so consider splashing out on one prior to putting your property on the market.

4. Taste is 90% smell

There’s nothing more homely and inviting than the smell of freshly baked bread. Consider accompanying this temptation for the senses with a cup of coffee straight from the French press and you could be well on your way to snagging a buyer.

5. Smoke and mirrors

As mentioned above, maximising space is imperative if you want to add extra value onto your home. Wall and full-length mirrors are a great, affordable way to give the illusion that your home is bigger than it actually is. Alternatively, removing doors between the dining room, living room and foyer can achieve a similar effect.

6. Think about what is outside, too

Are you the proud owner of a beaten-up, second-hand rust-bucket? Get that value-depreciator out of sight in the garage where it belongs! Subconsciously, unsightly, unattractive clutter surrounding your home does nothing to increase your property’s value.

7. Clean to a sheen

It might sound obvious, but making sure there are no cobwebs, stains or unsightly spills is crucial when it comes to marketing a property. Cleanliness might well be next to Godliness, but it’s even closer to costliness.

Weale & Hitchen can help you

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