How to Incentivise Your Property to Buyers

December, 2018

Selling your home can be challenging at the best of times. Throw in a couple of property chains and demanding buyers and it may seem like you’ve got a real mountain to climb. Fortunately, there are ways to get to the top of that mountain (and sell your property) without ripping your hair out.

In our six-part series, we’re looking at the best property selling tips, whether that’s sprucing up your property, making essential repairs or even dropping the asking price. In this post, part four in our series, we’re looking at how you can incentivise your property to buyers.

Why you should incentivise

An incentive is anything that motivates or encourages a person to do something. The most familiar example is a parent offering their children incentives. So, if they behave well at the family gathering, they can stop at the toy shop on the way home. More broadly, it means offering something to ‘sweeten the deal’ for the other party.

Believe it or not, this works for property selling. No, you don’t need to offer potential buyers the chance to stop at the toy shop. Instead, there are a few ways to incentivise your property sale, which could be well worth it for you as a seller.

How to add an incentive

One of the most common incentives when selling a property is the price. As we’ve discussed previously, a drop in price is a sure-fire way to get buyers through the doors. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, you could offer a small percentage off the asking price as an incentive for buyers to get things done quickly, for instance.

Another option, which won’t affect the selling price of your house, is throwing in added extras. When somebody buys a house, chances are they don’t have everything they need for the new property. Maybe they’re a first-time buyer, upsizing from a small property, or just didn’t need certain items in their last house.

Garden furniture or a lawnmower, for instance, might not have been a necessity if their existing home doesn’t have a large garden. It’s a big plus for the buyer that has minimal impact on you. After all, you can always buy new garden furniture suited to your new home.

Popular incentives

On top of that, there are certain items which don’t always fit in a new home. White goods – washing machines, refrigerators and other large kitchen appliances – are usually purchased with the layout of the kitchen in mind, while curtains are typically bought for specific windows.

As a result, many buyers have to fork out for white goods and curtains straight after moving. You can remove this hassle for them by throwing in your curtains or appliances as an incentive. Not only that, it could save you a lot of time and energy moving them only to purchase replacements further down the line.

Struggling to sell?

There’s no need to be anxious about the sale of your property. At Weale & Hitchen, we use a tried and tested property selling process to take all the hassle and stress away from you. From a free pre-market appraisal to the final sale and aftercare, our team is always on hand to help. Get in touch today to arrange your free valuation.

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