How to Make Your Own Chemical-free Household Cleaners

August, 2017

We love the feeling we get after a good house clean. Everything shines and sparkles and we can sink into the sofa and enjoy a much-deserved break as we admire our work. What’s not so enjoyable, though, is the pungent aroma of chemicals and sprays from store-bought cleaners.

If you hate the stench of chemicals as much as us, there are plenty of fantastic homemade cleaning products around that work just as well. We’ve brought together a collection of our favourite chemical-free and non-toxic household cleaning recipes so that you can enjoy a clean house, without all the nasty chemical smells.

Homemade oven cleaner

Did you know that you can clean your oven without harsh chemicals? There is a safe, non-toxic method – and all you’ll need is baking soda, and a little elbow grease! (Recipe via The Kitchn)

Homemade multi-purpose cleaner recipe

There’s something so satisfying about being able to pull out a bottle of homemade cleaner to deal with daily messes and stains. We love this multi-purpose cleaner recipe; it’s effective, costs very little to make, and it smells great! (Recipe via LiveSimplyMe)

Homemade toilet cleaner

If you want to encourage the kids to join you when you clean the bathroom, they’ll LOVE the vinegar and baking soda toilet cleaner. Pop the ingredients in the toilet bowl and watch as they fizz and foam like crazy! (Recipe via MyFrugalAdventures)

Homemade dishwasher tabs

These all-natural lemon dishwasher detergent tabs are easy to make and can be made in large batches and kept in mason jars. (Recipe via PopSugar)

Homemade glass cleaner

Sparkling windows can be achieved using this great natural glass cleaner recipe (& just a couple of the ingredients in your cupboards). Simply combine water, vinegar, and essential oil and you’re good to go. Perfect for natural cleaning! (Recipe via Wellness Mama)

Homemade furniture polish

Whipping up a batch of homemade furniture polish is easier than might think. All you’ll need is olive oil, white vinegar, lemon juice, and a suitable container. (Recipe via PopSugar)

Homemade air freshener

Why buy toxic sprays when you can make your very own homemade, all-natural air freshener? OK, so technically, this isn’t a cleaner, but it certainly makes our home smell divine! All you will need to hand is your trusty baking soda, essential oils, and water. Simple, right? (Recipe via ThankYourBody)

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