Simple Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Viewing

May, 2017

When you’re selling your home, it’s essential the viewing goes well. You need to show your home in its best light to attract buyers. And whether you’re doing viewings yourself or leaving it to your estate agent, it’s up to you to get your home ready beforehand. How? This post looks at some simple ways you can prepare your home for prospective buyers.

 1.    Start outside

First things first, you need to make your home look attractive on the outside. It’s the first thing prospective buyers will see, and gives them a lasting first impression – so make sure it’s a good one. Clear any litter or weeds, trim plants and sweep up to get your house looking neat and tidy. Some sellers even park their car away from the house to show off the driveway or space outside the home.

 2.    Clean and de-clutter

It’s obvious to say your house needs to be clean and tidy before a viewing, but consider de-cluttering too. Buyers want to imagine themselves in the home, so remove as many little trinkets and personal pictures as possible. Items that have been stored away in cupboards or spare bedrooms should also be moved as these spaces could be a big selling point for your home.

 3.    Appealing to the senses

It’s important your home smells great as well as looking the part. Emptying the bins and opening the windows for a few hours before viewings can get your home smelling fresh. But there are also some ways to amplify your home’s appeal even more. By now, we’re all familiar with coffee and freshly baked bread as the popular homely aromas. But if you want something a bit less clichéd, you can always use some scented candles. Just ensure they aren’t too strong.

 4.    Pets (and children)

Pets and children, as much as you love them, can get in the way of house viewings. If possible, get somebody to look after your kids or pets while people are viewing your home. And remember to clear up any toys or hair – from pets – before the viewing begins.

 5.    Home staging

One of the big trends at the moment in property is home staging. It’s the idea of turning your home into a show home so viewers can imagine themselves living there. Where possible, you want to make your home look pleasant but not too lived in. Folded towels on the bed, simple layouts in every room and plenty of lighting are all great ways to achieve this.

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