Tell-Tale Signs It's Time To Relocate

December, 2016

Research has shown that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences life has to throw at us. Which is why we wouldn’t blame you for a second if you’ve been avoiding the thought. Of course, there comes a time when a move becomes inevitable – and the best possible thing for you and your family. If you can relate to any of the tell-tale signs outlined below, it could be time to bite the bullet and get packing.

You’re empty nesting

Selling the family home can be hugely emotional, but it’s something that most parents will eventually encounter. After the kids have left the nest, homes can start to feel empty and underused. What once housed a family of five is now far too big for a couple, which means downsizing could be in order.

You’re packed to the rafters

On the contrary, you might be getting the feeling that your house is bursting at the seams. Perhaps you have a growing family and the house just isn’t big enough to accommodate you all? Or maybe you’ve simply outgrown the one-bedroom studio you bought in your twenties?

You’re craving a sea change

Sometimes, one of the biggest motivators to move house is change. Have you always dreamed of living on the other side of the country? Maybe you’re sick of Scottish winters and are fantasising about a little Cornish sunshine? Perhaps you’ve ended a long-term relationship, or are keen to embrace a new job opportunity? If something’s shifted in your life, it could be the perfect opportunity to make the sea change you’ve always dreamt of.  


People talk about ‘starter’ homes and ‘forever’ homes, and the concept definitely plays a role in the moving house debate. Whether you’ve scored a promotion, are purchasing a home with a new partner, have saved up a bulky mortgage deposit or are simply addicted to trawling through Houzz and Pinterest, there are plenty of reasons why it could make sense to upgrade.  

Financial ducks

Owning a home is expensive, and you may find that you’re struggling to maintain your property, pay bills and meet mortgage requirements. In this case, moving to a more affordable house or area could be a smart move when it comes to getting your financial ducks in a row.

Cutting commutes

Did you know the average Londoner spends 72.4 minutes per day commuting? Long commutes can wreak havoc on your family life, relationships, stress levels and personal wellbeing. If you’re sick to death of public transport, moving to a location that’s closer to your workplace could be a solution.

The DIY debate

If you hate your lawnmower and detest spending your weekends renovating, it could be time to make the move to a ‘lock and leave’ type home that requires zero maintenance. Or, perhaps you’re on the other end of the spectrum and crave a little DIY action in your life. In this case, selling up and moving to a ‘fixer upper’ could be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Sell your home with Weale & Hitchen

If you’re thinking of selling your home and moving on, Weale & Hitchen can help. With over 25 years of experience and a dedicated step-by-step sales process that’s designed to keep you in the loop every step of the way, you couldn’t be in safer hands with us.

To find out more, call or visit one of our local offices in Bury, Harwood, Rawtenstall, Ramsbottom, Holcombe Brook and Bury.

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