The 7 Surprising Things Guest Notice About Your Home

April, 2017

Have you ever wondered what guests notice first about your home when they pop over for a cup of tea and a chat? A survey by interiors company My Domaine might just have the answers you’ve been looking for.

Surprise guests can be a blessing. After all, who better to lift your mood than a good friend in the middle of a stressful day? Unfortunately, they can also be a curse, especially if you’re particularly house-proud and you hate for anyone to see your home looking anything less than perfect. But, as the results from the survey show, the sight of your unpolished floors and laundry pile might not be the first thing guests notice about your home.

1. Art and books

According to My Domaine’s users, what’s lining your book shelves stands out more than what’s on your floors. A well-stocked book shelf speaks volumes (excuse the pun) about your personality, as do the titles you’ve selected for your collection. The artwork on your walls is also one of the first things guests admit to noticing. Generic artwork doesn’t seem to go down too well, with unique pieces seeming to make a better first impression.

2. Light sources

Nobody likes the harsh glare of strip lighting, so it’s hardly surprising that lighting is close to the top of the list of things guest notice first about a home. Candles, soft spotlights and natural daylight rank amongst the top types of light guaranteed to ensure a great first impression.

3. Furniture arrangement

Some people admitted to being guilty of mentally rearranging furniture in the homes they visit, whilst others said they felt jarred by small details like pictures being hung too high on the walls.

4. Scents

If a guest picks up an unpleasant smell when they visit they are likely to remember it and form a negative memory about your home as a result. Pleasant scents, on the other hand, give people positive memories. Next time a guest is heading over, pop a pot of coffee on or light a delicately fragranced candle.

5. Messiness and clutter

Your week-old pile of washing up on the kitchen counter may not be the first thing guests notice, but that doesn’t mean it’s overlooked completely. However, on a positive note, your mess might make guests feel better about the clutter hidden in their own homes.

6. Plants and greenery

Home plants received rave reviews from My Domaine’s users. Well cared for plants and flowers make homes appear inviting, whilst wilted arrangements can have the opposite effect.

7. Colour of the walls

Users report finding red and brown walls a turn-off, with white and neutral shades creating the best impression.

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