What Does Your Home’s Style Say About You?

July, 2016

Some people are minimalists, others are lovers of decorative objects, ornaments and pictures. Whatever your preference, your home’s style and design certainly says more about you than you realise. So if you’re a homeowner or landlord thinking about selling your property, it might be useful to know what impression your home is making on potential viewers. Curious? Keep reading to find out more.

Broad spectrum

Home design messages are part of a broad spectrum of messages we give out in our everyday lives, according to Lindsay Graham, an expert in personality and social psychology. “Literally everything we incorporate into our lives, from the kinds of clothes we wear to the kind of music we listen to, even the cities and places where we choose to live, all of that’s been linked to our personalities,” she explains.

What about my home?

A simple example is your home’s seating arrangement. If you have small, narrow seating like single armchairs, or several individual pieces of seating for one, it suggests you like your solitude. On the other hand, a space with open seating (sofas, benches etc.) is much more welcoming. People with this set-up enjoy lots of company and domestic socialising.

This theory can be extended to the décor in your home. Lots of cushions, blankets and candles demonstrate a desire for company. A lack of accessories, or a home that’s overly neat and tidy, gives off a slightly elusive vibe to visitors, apparently.

General design scheme

Your general design scheme can contribute too. Some people go for modern designs, with others choosing instead to keeping it traditional. Interestingly, a more neutral mix of the two says a great deal about your personality. “When people do designs that are very neutral, where it’s not modern and it’s not traditional, they’re good peacemakers because they like a little bit of everything,” Jane Lockhart told Buzz Buzz Home.

Like all things in art and design, the messages inferred from particular home design features are open to interpretation. For example, cluttered work surfaces probably portray a person who is busy, but might also suggest that you put function ahead of a clinical, neat appearance.

Selling your home?

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