Will an Eco-Friendly House Attract More Buyers?

August, 2018

Everyone does their bit for the environment, whether it’s using reusable straws or recycling your waste each week. But what if you could do more? And what if, in doing so, you could add more value to your home?

Read on as we take a look at the rise of eco-friendly homes and why millennials, amongst other buyers, are keen to go green when it comes to buying their next home.

Eco-friendly millennials

More and more people are aware of the effects of climate change. That’s especially the case for younger generations, who are consciously making changes to their everyday lives. In fact, a Nielsen study revealed that 66% of millennials surveyed were willing to pay more for sustainable products.

And with property being one of the biggest purchases in a lifetime, why would a sustainable house be any different?

In an ever-growing eco-conscious society, another study suggested that 38% of people in the UK would actually pay more if they knew a property was environmentally friendly.

Green buildings on the rise

However, as Kermit the Frog reminds us, it’s not always easy being green.

In the UK alone, housing generates 29% of emissions, with problems occurring with energy consumption.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is plethora of buildings, constructions and homes that are putting their green fingers to the test. Modern living and the increasing affordability of green technology has meant that over time, it’s getting easier to make eco-friendly building changes.

The main aim of environmentally conscious building designs is to create a sustainable way of living. This includes using minimal resources, such as energy and water, and using environmentally friendly materials.

The benefits of an eco-friendly home 

So, how does this affect you when selling your home?

One great selling point for environmentally conscious homes is that they require lower maintenance and less energy waste. Making changes to how you use energy can also reduce your monthly expenses – cutting bills down by up to 20-30%.

Less money is also spent making repairs because green materials are durable and last longer. This is an attractive selling point for any buyer, not to mention that an eco-friendly home can improve air quality (and therefore your health). What’s not to like?

Green changes you can make

Using as many natural resources as you can will help cut down costs and draw more buyers in. And making green changes doesn’t always have to mean huge renovations. If possible, look into adding renewable energy power sources. This takes professional help but can go a long way to adding significant value to your home.

Triple glazing, sustainable flooring and rainwater collection are all other great ways to add an eco-friendly element. Every little helps when it comes to going green. And it’s a sure-fire way to stand out for all the right reasons in the current housing market.

Weale & Hitchen can help

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